Think Fit

Need a boat that is stable, fast, and fun? Then the Fit is for you! The Think Fit was designed with a lot of people in mind. It needed to work for an experienced paddler moving into a boat built for speed, yet allow for an athletic new paddler to get in it and go! Success!! The Fit does it all. The Think Fit is based on an Olympic sprint kayak platform, so it has plenty of speed, but the waterline width behind the cockpit give this boat ample stability.

The Think Fit is unique in other aspects as well. It is the first of its kind to be a hybrid between a surfski and kayak. The Fit has a traditional cockpit rim, so on cold days or rough conditions, you can wear a spray deck, like in a conventional kayak. What’s unconventional is inside the cockpit! Instead of an open hull, or even bulk heads, the Fit uses the seat and foot well from our popular Evo surfski. In the event of a huli, you can climb back on board the Fit (with practise), pull the plug on the self bailer, and paddle away! What this adds up to is comfort and safety, making the Fit your ideal training partner.

  • Specs

    • Length: 17′ / 5.2m
    • Width: 20” / 51cm
    • Capacity: 110-220lbs / 50-100kg
  • Fiberglass $2395 USD

    • Weight: 34lbs / 15.5kg
    • Fibreglass/Coremat/Epoxy/Vacuum
  • Kevlar $3195 USD

    • Weight: 28lbs / 12.5kg
    • Kevlar/Honeycomb/Epoxy/Vacuum